After the Graduation Show and the Van Abbe Museum, Self Unself went to Shenzhen (China) and the Salone del Mobile in Milan. In New York, Self Unself will be presented in the form of pairs. The theme Self Unself is dualistic in itself, and it creates room for thought and discussion. In the exhibition in New York, two related projects are placed next to each other. They are not necessarily opposites or counterpoints, but they are connected in meaning, material or medium. They represent different approaches to the same topic.

Sometimes the pairs are clear examples of the ‘self unself-approach’. Inge Kuipers for example designed a tea pot that requires the use of both hands. It makes pouring easier, especially for people with arthritis. In this sense, Inge has created a product for a group that is not often heard and even less catered to. She creates for the other, for the unself. Ma’ayan Pesach’s work, on the other hand, is close to her own personality and identity. In Food for Thought she fuses common household items, wigs and cloth to form a series of highly idiosyncratic totems. They hint at a functional past but have transcended it through Ma’ayan’s specific handwriting.

In other cases, the projects placed alongside each other share the same design method, but have different origins and outcomes. François Duquesnoy as well as the duo Dienke Dekker and Daniel Costa work in a tradition of assemblage and collage. François collects materials and fuses them into a furniture set. His work is a reaction to his personal situation of moving house a lot. Daniel and Dienke combine porcelain and clay in once piece. They have researched how these materials behave in the oven and how they turn out as a unified object.

source: Design Academy Eindhoven

Self Unself in NewYork