by Dienke Dekker and KINNASAND

A year of intensive yarn design and weaving led to four new rug designs: Tassel, Bond, Flux and Twist. They are part of the FACES collection 2015 of the German textile and carpet company: KINNASAND.

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press images FACES Kinnasand Dienke Dekker

Combines a modern textured look with a flat-weave construction. Charming TASSEL has a grid of bright
braided cotton ‘ropes’ that have a stone-washed touch and sit over a base of black-and-white blended
yarns. These ‘ropes’ flow over the edge of the carpet in weft direction forming tassels, ensuring a seamlessly
fluid transition between carpet and floor.
Material: 75 % WV New Zealand, 25 % CO
FACES_Tassel_8821_C0010_W30Tassel color ways

TASSEL by Dienke Dekker

Incorporates the best of two worlds. FLUX has a rich melange body consisting of different naturally
coloured wool yarns and hand-dyed, delicate fringes. These feature a striking colour gradation and are
dyed according to the tie-dye technique – an ancient process that captures the full beauty of the dye.
Material: 100 % WV New Zealand

FACES_Flux_8819_C0012_W30FLUX colorways


Offers a charismatic interplay of minimum and maximum effects. TWIST has a bold geometrical grid with a black-and-white melange edge. It is constructed in two layers with a thin and crispy, bright coloured yarn randomly twisted with a thick, felted wool yarn. This gives it a vibrant surface and a ‘new-material feel’.
Material: 75 % WV New Zealand, 25 % CO

FACES_Twist_8822_C0014_W30 Twist Color ways

Integrates different proportions of yarns to create new colour spectrums. Woven in tightly combed bunches using two differently coloured fine woollen yarns, BOND features a graphic colour gradation that plays across its surface. Thanks to its construction, it is particularly detailed and has great depth of colour.
Material: 100 % WV New Zealand

FACES_Bond_8818_C0014_W30 BOND color ways

BOND by Dienke Dekker


Dienke Dekker color researchphoto by Dienke Dekker 7  photo by Dienke Dekker 5 photo by Dienke Dekker 3photo by Dienke Dekker 1photo by KinnasandDienke Dekker Flux researchphoto by Dienke Dekker 4photo by Dienke Dekker 2Dienke Dekker Tassel researchPhoto by dienke dekker 6Dienke Dekker Twist researchDienke Dekker Bond research

carpet design by Dienke Dekker
project in collaboration with KINNASAND, art direction by Isa Glink