by Dienke Dekker

Stripes are one of the oldest and most basic forms of decoration and expression, conveying colour and rhythm. By interweaving these fundamental graphic elements the stripe and the construction challange each other into 2 and 3 dimensional grids. This interaction becomes subject to the research featuring a graphic conversation of stripe-based patterns and sripe-woven-form.

Materials: paper , gouache, pen, acrylic marker

Dienke Dekker_Dutch Invertuals_2014_001 Dienke Dekker_Dutch Invertuals_2014_011 Dienke Dekker_Dutch Invertuals_2014_06 Dienke Dekker_Dutch Invertuals_2014_07 Dienke Dekker_Dutch Invertuals_2014_04 Dienke Dekker_Dutch Invertuals_2014_05
Intersect, Dienke Dekker picture by Barbara Medo Intersect by Dienke DekkerIntersect by Dienke Dekker 2 Intersect by Dienke Dekker 3
Project by: Dienke Dekker
Photo’s by: RAW COLOR, Barbara Medo and Dienke Dekker
Dutch Invertuals, COHESION, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2014