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by Dienke Dekker and KINNASAND

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YAMO is constructed with special tailor-made twisted yarns in five different shades. Once woven, these create different melange nuances, dissolving from white into colour, and back to white again.

Yamo research - Picture by Dienke Dekker.jpgYamo cones - Picture by Dienke DekkerYamo production - Picture by Dienke Dekkerp-6765-c0011 p-6765-c0033

Part of the ZOOM collection from KINNASAND
Art Direction: Isa Glink



by Dienke Dekker and GAN

Illusion. The knots become weaves and the grids, colours … or perhaps the other way around? The imagination and ingenuity convert these graphic structures into carpets …or vice versa? Mirage.

Dienke Dekker for GAN - Waan
Dienke Dekker - working process 2, picture by Roos van LeeuwenDienke Dekker - working process 3, picture by Roos van Leeuwen
Dienke Dekker - working process 1, picture by Roos van Leeuwen

photos by GAN-RUGS and Roos van Leeuwen