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2016 De Bijenkorf
Project: Intersect, Union of Striped Yarns
2016 De Balie
Project: Intersect
Dienke Dekker in de Balie

2016 Salone de Mobile, Milan, Italy
Project: Waan for GAN-RUGS

2015 MINT LDF, Mint gallery London, UK
Project: Intersect

2015 ‘REVELATIONS’ – Grand Palais, Paris, France
Project: Intersect
Dienke Dekker - Grand palais

2015 ‘FAVORIS 01’ – Moustache, Paris, France
Project: Intersect

2015 Design Week Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Project: Union of Striped Yarns

2015 SHOW UP – the Netherlands
Project: Intersect

2015 ‘MADE’ – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Project: Union of Striped Yarns

2015 PALACIO DO POVO – ‘ Contemporary Design from The Netherlands’, Florianopolis – Brazil
Project: Union of Striped Yarns

2015 YOU ARE HERE – Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Project: Union of Striped Yarns

2015 DUTCH INVERTUALS – ‘Body language’, Milan – Italie
Project: Intersect
Dutch Invertuals, Dienke Dekker 1

2015 TALENTE, IHM, Munich
Project: ‘Union of Striped Yarns’

2015 NOORD BRABANTS MUSEUM – Design uit het land van de aardappeleters , ‘s Hertogenbosch
Project: ‘Basketweaving’ , ‘Union of Striped Yarns’

2015 HEIMTEXTIL – trendforum, Frankfurt
Home Atelier

2014 Dutch Invertuals – Cohesion, Eindhoven
Project: ‘Intersect’
Dienke Dekker_Dutch Invertuals_2014_001

2014 ELLE INSIDE DESIGN, Amsterdam
Project: ‘Union of Striped Yarns’
Elle Inside Design A
Elle Inside Design B

2014 SELF UNSELF, Collective 2 New York
Project: ‘the Symbiosis of Stoneware & Porcelain’
Self Unself in NewYork

2014  Ministry of Education, Culture and Science – The Netherlands, Den Hague
Project: ‘the Symbiosis of Stoneware & Porcelain’

2013 – 2014  Johanssen-Gallery, Berlin
Project: ‘Basketweaving’

2013 Talking Textiles – curated by Lidewij Edelkoort en Philip Fimmano, Textielmuseum Tilburg
Project: ‘Union of Striped Yarns – samples’

2013 Graduation show ‘Self Unself’ Design Academy Eindhoven, Dutch Design week
Projects: ‘Union of Striped Yarns’ and ‘the Symbiosis of Stoneware and Porcelain’
the symbiosis of stoneware & porcelain dienke dekker & daniel costa
Union of striped yarns dienke dekker

2013 Elle Iside Design Amsterdam, Intercodam Amsterdam
Project: ‘the Symbiosis of Stoneware and Porcelain’

2013 Illustrative Festival Berlin
Project: ‘Basket weaving’

2013 LINKING PROCESS – Design Academy Eindhoven, Salone del Mobile – Milan
Projects: ‘The Symbiosis of Stoneware and Porcelain’ and ‘Union of Striped Yarns

2013 Nomadismi – Lidewij Edelkoort, Salone del Moblile – Milan
Project: ‘Basketweaving’

2011  Platform presentation, Textile Museum – Tilburg
Project: ‘Within a Yarn’

2011  THIS WAY – Design Academy Eindhoven, Salone del Mobile – Milan
Project: ‘Within a Yarn’

2011  Crafts exhibition, Dutch Design Week – Eindhoven
Project: ‘Within a Yarn’ 

Light & Shadow

Observation and reflection of shadows were the start of this investigation about colours, shapes and materials. I observed and painted the shadows of certain objects during an entire day and translated these paintings into 3D objects.