By Dienke Dekker & KINNASAND

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With a complex melange of 5 different colours and yarns, the hand-woven rug MELT offers a delicate yet vibrant interplay of nuances. As you get closer to the rug, fine details teasingly emerge from its surface.

MELT - Kinnasand MELT colours - Picture by Dienke Dekker
MELT - Picture by Dienke DekkerWork in progress MELTSampling for MELT - Photos by Dienke Dekker

MOSS combines the comfort of a hand-knotted rug with the pure aesthetic of a flatweave. It gains its exceptional volume from a specially developed technique, which involves looping a felted yarn around a filling yarn.

MOSS - Kinnasand MOSS colours - Picture by Dienke Dekker

The Persian hand-knotted rug CASCADE occupies a space between pattern and structure, and offers extraordinary colour depth. This property comes from combining materials that express hues in subtly different ways – wool, silk and linen – as well as a washed finish and a rich pile.

CASCADE - Kinnasand CASCADE COLOURS - Picture by Dienke DekkerCASCADE yarns - Picture by Dienke Dekker